Thrita e-Clinic

Thrita eClinicIntroduction

Do you have a clinic? Do you have a straight handy data management system for your clinic? No!? So we might say for every patient that gets the treatment from your clinic, the clinic its own is getting more ill! Without an efficient software for your clinic management you might lose lots of times and even precious data; the time that can be used for cure disease and research about them. With eClinic at your service, let us be a part of your valuable efforts for our society.


eClinic is a web application for manage your visits at clinic, with powerful dynamic forms to get patient’s data at every visit that happens. It also helps doctors and researcher with its powerful report generator that can be customized to their needs according to cure and research policies of clinic. Yet so much more features can be added due to your clinic strategies.



  1. User Management.
    • User Group Management.
    • Access Rule Management.
  2. Patient Management.
    • Patient static information.
    • Patient demographic information.
    • Define parent relations.
  3. Visits Management.
    • Add/Edit/Delete and search Visits.
    • Doctor time table management.
  4. Drug management.
    • Generic drugs.
    • Trade drugs.
    • Dosages.
    • Usage.
  5. Recipe management.
  6. Laboratory management
    • Laboratory.
    • Laboratory groups.
    • Laboratory tests.
  7. Dynamic form generator.
    • Add form.
    • Add questions to form
    • Add view condition to question (from its own questions and other form questions)
    • Manage form java scripts.
    • Manage form and question CSS and graphic.
  8. Dynamic report generator with Excel export.


  • version 3.0 
  • Sql Server 2005

Why eClinic?

Our company tries to make things simple, flexible and the most important efficient. eClinic support you with its simple, flexible and of course efficient. Speed of data entry is an issue in most clinics and eClinic lets this happen. Beside all of its useful features it let you to always be updated anywhere that has access to computer and internet. With fast internet line you might get rid of high cost local networks. You can always be there!


Last update: Wednesday, August 3, 2011