Thrita Project Submission System

Thrita Project Submission SystemIntroduction

Studies are the most entity of every research centers, so managing these entities has the most effect on these kinds of companies. It may take a lot of your precious time to receive, review and referee a study. This product will help you to overcome these problems both as a receiver or a submitter of a study, and also let you keep track of submitted studies at anytime and anywhere that you have access to internet. Let it flow!


  • User online registration. 
  • Create/Edit/Submit Studies.
  • Review Studies. 
  • Search studies and assign code and description to studies. 
  • Internal messaging between users. 
  • Change study flow to appropriate sections involved in project submission work flow. 
  • Referee studies.

Why Project Submission?

 Making project submission workflow easy would save a lot of your time and human resources. And functional statistical reports would let your company chase its goal efficiently. Flow Sequence of this product can be easily changed according to your demands at support time. No more extra paper would be generated at submission time. Researcher and referees could review their submissions anytime they have access to internet and this would make the project submission process so much faster.


  • version 3.5
  • Sql Server 2005


Last update: Thursday, October 15, 2009