Why SWIM® ?

If you want a scientific, academic, or research-base website – but not a commercial one – you need a Content Management System that fits your demands, so SWIM® is what you must have! You might like to visit the websites that use SWIM® to develop.

Some of reasons to use SWIM®:

  • SWIM® makes you independent from third parties to develop and upgrade your website. You just need your current staff and a couple of hours education!
  • SWIM® is one of few Content Management Systems(CMSs) that specifically designed for scientific and academic website (It’s not for commercial contents!).
  • SWIM® is multi lingual web application.
  • SWIM® covers the standards released by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the Ministry of Sciences, Research, and Technology.
  • SWIM® can extend to communicate and exchange data between its database and National Research database (NRDB) as well as Iran Science Network (ISN).
  • SWIM® can extend to communicate and exchange data with other application (e.g Thrita Proposal Submission System) using xml standards.
  • Although SWIM® almost perfect for management of scientific data, you could ask for more modules to be added to it to cover your new requested.
  • SWIM® is supported by a team including physicians, engineers, programmers, etc. for debugging and upgrading purposes.
  • SWIM® is always tried to meet the cutting-edge technologies and programs.


Last update: Monday, April 13, 2009